SCUBAPRO C370 Second Stage

  • $300.00

The C370 is the newest addition to SCUBAPRO’s family of high performance second stages. Based on the compact C350 case, the new C370 brings forth the best features of its predecessor while adding a balanced valve to its design. A brand new exhaust tee based on the S620 Ti’s design contributes to better work of breathing (a 10% improvement over the C350). A Compact Hi-Flow mouthpiece, also borrowed from the S620 Ti due to positive feedback, has been added to increase both airflow and mouth comfort. Fully adjustable, the C370 includes a user- adjustable inhalation effort control knob along with a small coaxial dive/pre-dive lever. The new air- balanced C370 is lightweight, breathes easy, offers full user controls and delivers effortless airflow.